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Call/Text Blocking question

Call/Text Blocking question

I just recently signed up for this service.  When someone texts me from a blocked number, the text doesn't come through as expected.  But the sender does not receive any kind of a message saying the message did not go through.  However, my brother signed up for the exact same service and if a blocked number texts his phone, the sender gets a message, in red, stating "Your message did not go through....."

We both have AT&T iPhones.  Why does someone texting me from a blocked number not get that message?  Thanks.


UPDATE:  I just found my answer.  The sender has to be using an AT&T phone to get the message.

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Re: Call/Text Blocking question

Hello Sandman1318.  Thanks for your post!  The Smart Limits - Blocked Calls & Texts

article (see drop down for automated messages for blocked calls and text messages) confirms your resolution!  We sincerely appreciate you sharing the resolution in your update!



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Re: Call/Text Blocking question

I have an PREPAID AT&T Galaxy Appeal i827 I am getting harassing Texts from a Verizon Customer, How can I permanantly block them?

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