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Block numbers / calling features with Secure Family


Block numbers / calling features with Secure Family

How do I block numbers with at&t Secure Family?

Also, where is the option for calls/texts limits? I would like to have my children's phones to turn off Calling/Texting capabilities at night. There's an option to set up limits for data usage where you can turn it on and off but I'm not seeing where I can do the same for calls/texts. I was told on the phone yesterday with at&t customer service that I could do this AND add up to 15 numbers to be excluded during those times (such as parents, grandparents, etc)

Thank you

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‎03-11-2019 12:18 PM

Re: Block numbers / calling features with Secure Family

Greetings @Twillis!


Currently, restricting calls and text messages as well as setting specific numbers as acceptable for reception on each device is not a feature of AT&T Secure Family though it's possible to use Secure Family's Messaging feature to filter content from a variety of third-party messaging apps or native Android messages including WhatsApp, FaceTime, Kik, Line, Viber, and others. You're welcome to view the full list under the More Info section in the Content Filters/Messaging category.


Also, feel free to restrict internet usage on other devices to a specific Date/Time simply perform the following functions:


  • Scroll down on child dashboard screen. Tap on Time Limits
  • Tap on default time limit to edit, or tap on Add a Time Limit to create custom time restriction
  • Select desired days and time frame. Then tap Save.

We hope this info helps!

Lar, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Block numbers / calling features with Secure Family

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Re: Block numbers / calling features with Secure Family

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Re: Block numbers / calling features with Secure Family

This is ridiculous. The answer that is marked as the "solution" does not say how to block calling/texting. It talks about how that option is not available. So in other words, features of AT&T Smart Limits, which has been replaced with AT&T Secure Family, are no longer provided at all. Why is it that I am convinced that it won't be long before AT&T offers another app, available by subscription, that offers these features. AT&T has shown time and again that they don't care about their customers, and are just plain greedy. Increasing fees, replacing apps with ones with fewer features for the same money, probably introducing a new app with the missing features, so their total revenue will go up. Because that's all that AT&T cares about - profit. How can we charge our customers more for no increase in functionality.


I have already canceled U-Verse, DirecTV Now, and getting my phones via AT&T. If I find that another provider offers the types of parental controls I want for less money, I would love to drop AT&T completely and switch my cell phones to another provider...

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