AT&T lied about the Next plan


AT&T lied about the Next plan

Back in May my Motorola Atrix was pretty much unusable. It had a cracked screen and I was no longer able to use the touch screen. My upgrade wasn't until October but on several occasions a representative from AT&T has allowed me to upgrade a little early. I usually upgrade and get a $50-$100 device. I went into an AT&T store in my neighborhood to see what they could do. The representative told me that he could definitely give me an early upgrade. He also told me he could make my plan much better for cheaper! He told me to pick out any phone I wanted and that I would only have to pay $50. I thought this was amazing that I could pick any phone and kept asking "Is there some kind of fine print I am missing?" or something along those lines. He said nope and that I only had to pay $50. Sweet! So I went ahead and got the device and a case and was on my way after paying. Three weeks later I get my bill and it's $352!!! My bill is normally around $130 for two lines with 4 gigs of data and 450 anytime minutes plus unlimited texting. I called AT&T to find out what the problem is and was told I was placed on the Next plan. I asked why my plan was changed and they said that I changed it when I got a new phone and explained the charges. I was put on a 10 gig plan plus unlimited talk/text and I was paying $25 for my device for 18 months. I explained that I had no idea I was having to pay in full for the device and that I was never told about the $25 monthly installment for 18 months for the phone. They said they were sorry and lowered my plan to 6 gigs and told me my bill would go back down to around $130. Well, the next bill comes around and it's $170... $40 more than I am used to paying. I called again and explained that I was put on this Next plan due to negligance of the worker at the AT&T store and asked if there was anyway I could get out of this plan and not have to pay for the device. They explained that two weeks had passed and there was no way I could get out of paying for the device. I told them that if I would have known I would be paying $25 a month for 18 months for a new device that I would have just gotten a crappy go phone and waited until October. I escalated this case to management and filed a case. The rep told me that management would be in contact with me the next day. Well, the next day comes and goes and four to five days later I finally call back for probably the 4th time. The person I spoke with this time told me that the case was closed because the 14 days had passed. I was infuriated! I was told to go into the AT&T store and speak with a manager about what had happened. I went to the store and the manager pretty much talked to me like I was stupid, explaining that I had the newest phone and that it was actually a great deal. I told him I didn't care if it was the newest phone and that if I would have known I would be paying $25 for 18 months for a new phone that I would have just gotten a go phone until October. He did absolutely nothing for me. I am so beyond frustrated with this whole situation. AT&T Next is a huge scam and now I am stuck with a ridiculously expensive phone plan for the next year and a half. I cannot wait until my contract is up so I can finally switch carriers after ten years of lies from AT&T!

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Re: AT&T lied about the Next plan

Att put me on the family share plan without explaining any changes i wanted my old plan back they said no. I understand the frustration as far as the phone for 50 should have read the papers you signed either in the store or online.
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Re: AT

I did read the papers. I was unaware the mobile share plan was different
from my family plan. Nowhere on the papers does it say I agreed to a
monthly installment and nowhere on there does it say anything about the
AT&T Next plan. Plus why are you talking about your issue on my post?
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Re: AT&T lied about the Next plan

The next plan is complete crap. And the reps just get you into it without disclosing MAJOR details.

I was put into the plan on February of this year and was told that I would be able to get the Iphone 6 when it came out.

Anticipating the release day, I logged in to preorder it and this notification came out that in order for me to preorder it, I had to pay $250 and turn in my current device.

Im furious because I have spoken to multiple reps over the phone and they all just pass the buck.

Its not their fault and that I'm stuck in the program.

No one over the phone is being helpful and they all say they'll call me back but none of them ever do.

Im at the point where I just want to cancel all my lines and go with another provider.

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