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AT&T Employee Discount Inquiry


AT&T Employee Discount Inquiry

So I recently applied for an AT&T employee discount. I was recently hired at a company and wanted to see if the email I use for the position was applicable for a discount. When I inputted my email, I received a confirmation that I was eligible for a discount. So I entered the AT&T site and it showed a company called "COLUMBIA BASIN COLLEGE-N COLBASSTU GOV IRU" as the company that I work for.


Is there something wrong here or is it possible that the company plan I would be on is through this obscure-named company?

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Re: AT&T Employee Discount Inquiry


Hello @joshua.a.warner 


It's possible that the name in the system is under some parent company or another organization, but if this name doesn't sound like your company might be a part of, you can stop by your local AT&T store for help. You will need to bring a proof of employment with you, like an ID badge or a paycheck stub.




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