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AT&T Call Protect - wildcard blocking


AT&T Call Protect - wildcard blocking

My mobile # is being spoofed by a telemarketer.


I'm getting dozens of calls each day from people who see my number in their missed call history.


They all have the same prefix --- 917-445-XXXX


Is there a wildcard so I can use call protect to block all calls from the 917-445 prefix?



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Re: AT&T Call Protect - wildcard blocking

Spoofing is an illegal practice where a computer is used to fake a phone number.  It usually changes in a couple days to a new number.  

Unfortunately this makes it impossible to catch the spoofers.  


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Re: AT&T Call Protect - wildcard blocking

Hi lizdance40 -


The point is that the spoofer is using MY number and people are calling ME back.  All of the people the spoofer is calling have numbers that start with 917-445-XXXX.  Accordingly, I want to block all calls from numbers that start with 917-445-XXXX so I will stop getting calls from all of these people.


This has been going on for over a week.


Any help?

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Re: AT&T Call Protect - wildcard blocking

This is what I hate about these forums.  You either ask a simple question, but can't get a simple answer, **  Wildcards, people, wildcards.  Surely you know what wildcards are.  Expanding on the initial question, does AT&T U-Verse Home Phone Call Blocking allow for wildcards where you receive multiple or many, in my case, calls from the same area code or prefix, that I ordinarily wouldn't receive calls from, to just block the whole area code or prefix, like 999* or 214-555*.  The call blocking app I had on my cell phone allowed me to condense 200 numbers down to 50, but the app is no longer supported on my cell phone, and it would answer and hangup, preventing the blocked call from leaving a message.  ATT U-Verse Home Phone Call Blocking tells the caller the call is not being accepted, when I prefer the answer/hangup method, but at least they don't go to voice mail.  So the short is, is it possible to use wildcards in ATT U-Verse Home Phone Call Blocking?



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Re: AT&T Call Protect - wildcard blocking

I too want/need wildcard blocking of my exchange. I understand that Hiya for Android supports this, so it is possible...

--Steve F.

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Re: AT&T Call Protect - wildcard blocking

This is a joke, for months now I keep getting calls from the same area code and prefix as well. I block it in caller protect just to receive another call later with the last 4 digits different. This is driving me nuts. I just called AT&T and spoke to tech support who said this is a problem however they have no fix at this time. I was informed they are working on the issue but no ETA when or if it will have a fix.


I just do not understand why Caller Protect cannot block a any numbers coming from the same prefix, I am not a programmer but it can't be that difficult.

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