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Report Poor Customer Service


Report Poor Customer Service

I went to store in Los Angeles located at 3700 S La Brea, STE B, Los Angeles  Ca 90016. Jarett Webster  Retail Store Manager asked how he could help me. I explained I need  to pay my bill.. Mr. Webster asked if I had the bill with me. He said, "Well, I'll walk you to the kiosk &  you DO IT YOURSELF!  I asked if he would help me. He answered, "NO, do it yourself". He went and sat down joking with his employees. Poor customer service. He said, "If you don,'t like my service here is my card.. There were 2 other employees there. The female guard assisted me. I tried using kiosk which kept staring wrongcacct number.

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Re: Report Poor Customer Service

Hello @90019Hauser,


Our sincerest apologies for that experience you had at that store. This is definitely not the type of experience we want for you or any of our customers. We're glad that someone was able to help you. Thank you for providing us that feedback. May you please send us a private message by clicking here and providing us with the details below, so we can get this address?


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