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Refund expected because 2 stations were out for months in 2017 Raleigh NC


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Refund expected because 2 stations were out for months in 2017 Raleigh NC

I spent over 45 minutes on the phone with AT&T telling them I had called several times during when WRAL and channel 50 were blacked out - and everyone I spoke with said I could get a refund once the contract was agreed to and the channels came back on.  One AT&T employee said to get get Hulu to stream my shows. So they recommended I pay more for something else since they couldn't give it to me.  really?   Anyway (Channels came back on in Nov) I called today today - they said no refund.  They will give me a $10 credit toward my landline through them but that is all.  I am livid.  They made millions I am sure while the contracts were in limbo and the customers don't get to see any of it.  My neighbor complained about it and he was given a bonus of 400 channels for a year and $30 credit a month for a year because of this same issue - but I can't get anything????  Is it because we are a business account.  If that is the case then that is even worse.  I even talked to the retention dept and they were the ones that gave me $10.  That really is insulting.  I do not know what my next step is but to cancel and publicly tell my store about their customer service  - but I have to tell you I really don't want to do either. That is not how I do business to my clients - how is AT&T allowed to do business this way?   I am just stumped - any ideas????   

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