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Poor customer service, what can I do?


Poor customer service, what can I do?

We are a 21+ year ATT business phone service user. Never missed a payment.

Out of the blue we got a robo call last week and then this week (yesterday, the 18th) from an entity purporting to be ATT.
Because of the widespread abuse of robo-calling, we generally ignore them. I did listen part way to one yesterday that obliquely referred to a past due payment. We have never missed a payment. After calling ATT and a 5 minute hold time (ATT requires all communication to be done with a CSR over the phone), the CSR had to spend another 5 minutes trying to find the problem.

Turns out that ATT damaged our November payment, but sent it to our bank, where they say it was refused. The bank has no record of this. No problem, I say, let me just add this $156.54 to our February bill (we were current on everything else).


her: "I'm sorry, but you have until January 20th (2 days), or your business phone and internet will be disconnected."

me: "But this was ATT's error, not mine"
her: "I'm sorry, but the best I can do is give you until the 27th"
me: "Okay, but all our ATT statments are at our account this week, can you email where to send payment"
her: "I'm sorry, but I can't email you."
me: "How do you expect me to mail payment"
her: "I will fax you the November bill, is the fax number one of your ATT numbers?
me: "Yes, (and I gave it to her)"

We both hung up and I waited. 


No fax ever came.


We called our account and had her find the bill and fax it to us. We paid it yesterday.

Now our only worry is that ATT will still go ahead and disconnect on the 20th.


To top it off, later in the day we did receive a disconnection letter dated the 14th. It was giving us two days to pay with no explanation of why.


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