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Hitting my hotspot cap too early


Hitting my hotspot cap too early

A few moments ago I got a text saying I'd used 90% of my 15GB hotspot. I then went into carrier services on my phone and hit 'View My Data and Msg', and the text response showed:

Data [MB]: 3449.77

Group Data [MB]: 7550.4

That a) only adds up to 11 GB, 2.5GB shy of what 90% of my limit should be, and b) I thought regular cellular data and hotspot data were separate buckets (I assume in this case 'Group Data' represents the actual hotspot usage). But even if they're bundled together I'm still only at about 75% of my cap, so what gives?

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Re: Hitting my hotspot cap too early

Hello blamft,


Thank you for your recent posting. We appreciate your participation within the Business Community. I would be happy to help. In order for me to research your issue, I will need to verify some information. Please send me a private message by clicking here:

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