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Getting spam phone calls with invalid caller IDs


Getting spam phone calls with invalid caller IDs

In the last few days I've started getting a lot of spam calls to my mobile phone (an AT&T iPhone) - either marketing calls offering to loan me money, or calls asking for someone who I don't now.  Some of them have invalid caller IDs.  

+91 96-1

(646) 843-625

1 (646) 843-625


Even though I've confirmed that my cell phone number is on the national "do not call" list, I can't even report these people because the government's website doesn't allow you to enter invalid phone numbers.  The numbers all have to have 10 digits. 


I've also asked the callers to stop calling me multiple times.  It sounds like they could all be coming from the same call center.  They hang up as soon as I say to take me off of their list.


Has anyone else had this problem?  Any ideas how to make it stop?  It's multiple calls per day - very annoying.


Other spam calls in this week have come from these numbers.  They're probably the same people:


865-857-7912 << I've seen postings about other people getting bogus loan offers from this number

"658-546-9105 is not a valid number. If you are sure that you got a phone call from a number beginning with this prefix, the caller may have 'spoofed' caller ID."


227-915-8178  << Same problem


658-546-9105 << Same problem

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Re: Getting spam phone calls with invalid caller IDs

This just started happening to me on my iPhone as well...I don't answer the calls, they don't leave messages. I may have two possible solutions for you. The first is more passive. Contact your states public utilities commission or FCC and file a formal complaint. If this doesn't work, might I suggest you carry a referees whistle with you. When you receive a call, if you choose to answer, blow the whistle as loud as you can. They will stop calling.
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Re: Getting spam phone calls with invalid caller IDs

We are getting 2-3 invalid number calls a day on our Uverse VOIP home phone.  The allowed 100 numbers that I can block will be filled within the next couple weeks.  We are on the Do Not Call registry and also have NoMoRobo, as recommended by AT&T on our phone bill.  We are also getting sometimes 2 or 3 spoof calls a day from numbers with our area code and local prefix.  It's high time (way overdue) for AT&T to step up and stop this harassment of their customers.  Do something about this issue and do it NOW.

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