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Does AT&T fix their issues?


Does AT&T fix their issues?

Day 3 of no service at my home healthcare business. No phones no internet. Was on hold a total of 7 hours, given 3 different reasons as to why I had service, was lied too, disconnected 7 times, never called back even though I gave a backup number in excess of 10 times to 10 different people, asked to be transferred to the customer service in the US but transferred right back off shore, Tech tells us the first tech was incompetent and decided to leave, tech leaves today without finishing job, asked for higher up was told by Mark badge number NB649t there was no higher up and that there was no direct line to speak with someone in the United States. Your customer Service is awful

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Re: Does AT&T fix their issues?

Hello @Jsvalona,


Thank you for your recent posting.  We appreciate your participation within the Business Community.  I apologize for the frustration this has caused and would be happy to help.  In order for me to research your issue, I will need to verify some information.  Please send me a private message by clicking here: https://soc.att.com/2TXQMG9

And include the following details:                                                                                      

  • Full Name:
  • Business Name on Account:
  • Address:
  • Phone number associated with the account:
  • Preferred Contact #:
  • Email address:
  • What type of service (Uverse, DSL, Landline, Wireless):


Thank you,


AT&T Social Media Manager

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