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Bridge mod/Passthrough Mode Uverse with 2-wire modem


Bridge mod/Passthrough Mode Uverse with 2-wire modem

A week ago I upgraded from a standard 6 meg business DSL to the uVerse Business high speed internet service. As part of the upgrade I moved from a Motorola DSL modem to a 2-Wire 3801HGV.


I run a complete infrastructure behind my own firewall including multiple web servers/application servers and multiple vLans and DMZ’s. With the Motorola DSL modem  I was able to pass all traffic through the modem and allow the rest of my infrastructure to handle the heavy lifting for my business. Upon upgrading to uVerse I am unable to pass any of my static IP Address (of which I have purchased 16, 13 usable) through to my firewall, thus I am currently off line. The modem/service seems to require all computers to attach directly to the modem, thus crippling my internal infrastructure (which has been running on AT&T/Bellsouth DSL for years). I was pointed in the direction of DMZ mode but that looks to only allow traffic for a specific IP Address to a specific computer.


I have made several calls to tech support to no avail.


Is there any way to provide a true pass through mode for uVerse (all traffic and ip addresses passed  from the default gateway on the modem to my firewall for processing) . or is there a Motorola modem for uVerse that has this capability, or am i missing somthing.


Thank you for your help.

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Re: Bridge mod/Passthrough Mode Uverse with 2-wire modem

I am making the same move from dsl to uverse later this week. Were you able to solve this problem?


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Re: Bridge mod/Passthrough Mode Uverse with 2-wire modem

No, I have spoken to a lot of people at AT&T and have not been able to solve the problem.

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Re: Bridge mod/Passthrough Mode Uverse with 2-wire modem

I too am looking for an answer to this. I want to use my own equipment.

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Re: Bridge mod/Passthrough Mode Uverse with 2-wire modem

I just switched to uverse from dsl w/ static ips & my own relatively complex LAN. It took me over 15hrs on the phone to walk AT&T support to do what I needed... This is basically a router behind router config. First of all make sure your static ips are visible from outside. Enable the supplimental network, assign static ip, and Allow ping on the RG & make sure you can ping your RG public static address. Ping & tracert the address, make sure you get valid results. This alone took several days to work out. Attach your router/firewall to RG. I've linksys ddwrt. I plugged the router wan connection to RG Ethernet. Make sure router is set to get wan ip over dhcp & is on different network. RG is on 192.168.1, my router is on .10. Login to router to see which address got assigned by dhcp. On RG locate the newly assigned up under LAN/ip assignment screen. Change that device to use ip from fixed static pool. Restart the router. This should cause the router to obtain new static ip. Ping the router from outside. You may need to spend some additional time on phone with support to open port 25 outbound (the symptom gateway you get from them is useless) & setup reverse dns. Hope this helps
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Re: Bridge mod/Passthrough Mode Uverse with 2-wire modem

I apologize in advance for spelling..

I have a solution I have solved this and it didn't require hacking the 2 wire or messing with relays it simply said required following the network rules and infrastructure.

I've read at least 1000 pages on this maybe more and allot of business owners having the same issue trying to use there IP addresses from there networks..

My first solution was I can find the way around it... Then I got P.O.d

Then I fixed it..

We spent way to much time attempting to get U-verse business for us to give up. I read all the complaints and thats what got me mad.. Everyones complaining no one really getting a solution while there are network engineers at AT&T trying to explain how to work around this... OK enough...

I still have AT&T DSL business with 5 static IP's running through a 2wire and it was wonderfull to have the flexability with it.

In November 2011 we ordered U-verse business and the FUN started. It was installed March 2012. I dont give up easy..

We run a ton of Cloud in our network and support several businesses.


First thing I noticed was the 2wire and INID they gave us along with the battery backup and that the connection was stable 

I did allot of tests and we setup the static IP's

We got the first IP (last one) in our running via DHCP to our business router..

I took down the info and made sure the 2wire was open to that IP and was passing info through to our network.

Like most Cisco and allot of other commercial routers we all use some sort of virtual staic IP's so one MAC address was assigned to the 2wire

I tried allot of things to get our additional IP's working short of cancelling the service..

Then a light bulb turned on...

I decided to look at the software the 2wire uses and the primary item is FreeBSD 4.4.

The 2wire wasnt much different then our router running on FreeBSD 8.0.1 with our FREE NIX solution and no hacks and within the U-verse AUP and privacy


Going into our router instead of using alias IP for the virtual IP's I switched to CARP alias virtula IP addressing

this actually gave more security to our router with added passwords to the outside

CARP also assigns Additional MAC addresses through HEX..

I wrote an article on this at the beginning of the week. AND it did require some work and we dont use the 2wires DHCP and WE don't use the wireless AND I don't work for AT&T which has been asked a ton of times

you can read about that from the link in my information or


NOTE: I was on the phone the first week discussing this with everyone at AT&T just asking what the work around was.. They even thought there was a problem with the iNID and sent out a tech to replace it...

if your looking for answers from teir 2 or higher they have limits just like anywhere. They supply a router that has QoS enabled to deal with TV and phone and it passes that just fine... It was one of my first tests

They use NAT enabled for computers hooked up which falls on the 2 layer of the router to give priority to the phones and TV

and after several packet snifs from our router and looking at the packets from our old DSL 2wire and a couple really old captures using bridge through some of our older DSL equiptment.. AT&T when the firewall is open to your router and proper MAC tables are working it's not really different then the 2wire DSL modem in Bridged_LZ


Go chk the solution on the website above..

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Re: Bridge mod/Passthrough Mode Uverse with 2-wire modem

Go into advanced firewall and open everything. Go to IP Address Allocation under LAN look for the MAC address of the device under address assignment select public WAN. Under WAN select from your IP pool address. Then look for firewall select disabled then click save. Restart the modem and then restart the device and poof your device has the outside address and no firewall.

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