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Re: Ordering from the Premier Online Store was a HUGE mistake

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Ordering from the Premier Online Store was a HUGE mistake

It’s been 14 business days since I ordered an iPhone 4 on the Premier Online Store, and my order status is still ‘processing’.


I placed my order on June 29th, then began monitoring the order status via the link I received in the email confirming that my Premier order had been received.  A few days later I noticed that the status had changed to ‘alert’.  I never received an email from AT&T regarding problems with the order, but decided to call customer service.


After speaking to customer service for the third time, each time after waiting for the “next available representative” for more than 1 hour, the order status was finally changed to ‘processing’.  Each representative told me that I should receive the order with 7 to 10 days from the original order date of 6/29 (as stated in my order confirmation email).


The so-called ‘Premier’ customer service is deplorable .  I will never again order from the Premier Online Store.

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Re: Ordering from the Premier Online Store was a HUGE mistake

Ok, my problem was I initially hit the Pay outright for my iPhone X, then I went back and chose the Trade-in program. Instead of canceling or deleting the Pay outright on my credit card mistake, I was billed for two phones. One paid for on my credit card 1089.99 then the other one placed on the next plan. I called and was told they would get it resolved by reimbursing my credit card and putting my new phone on the Next installment plan. I received my phone on time. Everything was going well and I sent my old phone back in the box for a trade-in, which AT&T says you can't get that back once you send it off for the trade-in. Wouldn't have been a problem. I received my text stating that they received my phone and it was in good shape. But, they never stopped the payments for the Next plan. So, I chatted online and was told, it was not a problem. My Credit Card would be reimbursed, "I reassure you Mr Meadows, that this is going to be resolved, after speaking with my supervisor, but you will have to go to an AT&T store to change the contract back to the Next plan." We have set you up an appointment." The appointment was never made, the store was never called. I went to the store and they told me they couldn't do it and for me to call 611. I called, and then I had the person on the phone talk to the store representative. They said, oh ok, but they had to change something about a part ID. Came back as an error. Told me I would have to all the Online people. So, I did, and the Part ID was resolved. Went back to the store and the representative tried to get everything straight, but came back out with some lady on the phone, who said I couldn't change the contract back, because it was not done within the 14 days return period. I tried to explain that it was the online peoples fault not my mind. The lady on the phone said, I'm sorry there are no exceptions to the 14 day rule. So, now she says her supervisor said, that they will find my phone in the warehouse, send it back to me and I will be charged for the last 11 months of the Next plan. I reminded the lady, that AT&T says the Trade-in phones can not be returned. She said this will be an exception! I said, I thought you didn't make exceptions. "No we don't make exceptions to the 14 day return rule!" Then I went home and went back to the Chatroom. The Chat guy there, tells me I have to be on a New 2 year contract now, because I bought the phone outright and that if I canceled I would have to pay for the full contract fee for canceling. So, are there 2 year contracts or not? Thank you! It has become a legal matter! I am trying to find out now, who am I suppose to send all of my saved Chat conversations to, to try and get this resolved, cancel my contract with AT&T after over 20 years of being with associated companies like BellSouth Mobility and Cingular and then AT&T or find a lawyer to handle this case! Instead of paying like 1089.99 for my iPhone X, 11 more payments for the Next plan and then a penalty for canceling my 2 year contract, that doesn't exist, I could get a good poor lawyer to take the case for about 1500 dollars. So, any other solutions? How much can I get for an unlocked iPhone 7plus, if they send me one back? 

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