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I'm have issues with my accounts... one pin is saying that it's in use and it has 1000 minutes on it and the other pin, I tried to put mins on the first one but because it's in use (its not) I froze the account, and since it did that it wouldnt let me put mins on my other one. I've been charged on my account for all the minutes but I cant use it. My husband is on the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Persian gulf and trying to call me for my birthday and to talk to our kids. He has no internet and this is the only means we have. We pay alot of money with these phone cards and there is money on them, money I'm getting charged and we cant use them!!!

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Re: Help

Hi @Cindygeorge123,


Happy birthday! Our sincerest apologies for the issues that you are having. In order to further assist, please send us a private message by clicking here and provide the following information.


Contact Name:

Contact Number:

Email Address:

Is this for a prepaid cell phone or a prepaid phone card?:


Thank you,



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Re: Help

I have replied several times in the private messages, I do not want to give my information on a public post... all my information is in the private messages. 

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