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Credit Card Decline Issues


Credit Card Decline Issues

If your credit card has been declined, here are a few steps you can take that may resolve the issue:


Check to ensure that the information you entered is correct. It’s easy to mistype something when you’re ordering online. Please verify that the following information is correct:

  • Card number
  • Card security code (the three-digit number on the back of your card)
  • Expiration date


Update incorrect credit card on your Premier Order

If you’ve entered any credit card information incorrectly, use our online self-service tool or the AT&T Premier Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to correct your information:



1.  Click the Premier Update Credit Card – Self Service URL:https://premier-ss.activationnow.com/creditcard/client/en_US/

2.  Enter the Premier Order Number in the Order Number field
3.  Enter the associated shipping or billing ZIP Code in Zip Code field
4.  Click Submit
5.  On the Update Credit Card – Self Service page, enter the wireless number in the Wireless Number field, click Continue
      - Enter the 5 digit zip code
      - Enter new or updated credit card information
      - Click Continue
6.  On the Update Credit Card – Verify page, confirm credit card information is correct
      - If correct, click Submit
      - If not correct, click Back or Cancel button
7.  Confirmation Page will display if the update was successful. If the confirmation does not display, please call the Premier Support Center at 1 (866) 499-8008.



*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Credit Card Decline Issues

I placed my order on 9/12/2014 at 2:24 a.m.; however, my credit card company didn't process because it was counted as fraud.  I've contacted the company and the card is ready to charge, I'm waiting for the order to process.


Since I was early in the pre-order process 9/12/2014 (2:24 a.m. CST/ 12:24 a.m. PST), I should have been among the first to order.  My main question is.... was a phone reserved for my order and it is still on reserve until the order is again processed or will I now be stuck on the waiting list?  When will the order try to process again?  Monday? 


AT&T's Premier is closed on the weekends - I'd really like to talk to someone with AT&T as I'd hate to loose my preorder because of an false fraud action on the part of my credit card company.  :-(

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Re: Credit Card Decline Issues

I am in the same situation as well, what is being done to fix this?  You call the automated 866 number and after you enter your information, it just hangs up on you.

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Re: Credit Card Decline Issues

It doesn't work, what can we do to fix this??

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Re: Credit Card Decline Issues

I did all of that but it keeps hanging up on me when i finish entering my card info.
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Re: Credit Card Decline Issues

There is not an option to enter CC information. Websites don't work. Phones don't work. I stayed up and ordered 2 iphone 6Plus within 20 minutes of the doors opening. I fully expect to receive my phones on the 19th. My bank shows the primer so the card information was definitely entered correctly. I need someone to call me immediately, as I was on hold for 3 hours trying to talk to Premier today before they hung up on me right at 3CST...conveniently time to go home despite customers not being taken care of!! So frustrated at the lack of service ATT has provided considering the amount of money they are making from me. I was passed around and on hold almost all day yesterday, then 3 hours today. Seriously need help immediately.

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Re: Credit Card Decline Issues

I got the same problem. I made 2 orders (1 iphone  6 plus / order) on 12:01AM on 9/12 but only the first order went through with my credit card. The 2nd order did not go through because of the block on my card from the fraud prevention dept of my bank. I tried to open the link as advised by ATT to resubmit the card information yesterday but due to high volumn, the link went down. I tried today and followed the steps they advised and resubmitted my credit card. Here is the result:


1) For the first order which went throught on 9/12: my shipping date is from 10/13 - 10/24/2014


2) For the 2nd order which did not go through and I need to resubmit my cc today: my shipping date is from 11/9 - 11/27/2014 (it's a month shipping time difference between my 1st order and my 2nd order because of the stupid block of my credit card)


So for your information, ATT does not reserve your spot even though you placed your order during the first minutes they opened the store. As long as they can charge you, you're eligible for that spot. If your card is blocked, you need to act immediately in order to avoid super late shipping like me. Again, ATT DOES NOT RESERVE YOUR SPOT!


Thank you for your reading!




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Re: Credit Card Decline Issues

Had you guys not hit my card four times with pending 1 dollar charges, perhaps it wouldn't have declined for fraud. So now the block is removed and I can't reach a single living soul that is capable of fixing this issue. The website that we are supposed to use is down and linking to this useless forum, where it appears there is nobody from ATT to help. 


Whatever happened to "we don't charge your card till the item ships"? **bleep**. You don't even save our spot in line unless you can get your cash. This is just absurd and you guys shouldn't even be allowed to offer presale items. You obviously can't handle it.

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Re: Credit Card Decline Issues

I had the exact same problem. I called att and they told me i still had my spot in line and just to change out the credit card. Also an att employee told me that for this weekend they are going to be open but they closed at 4 today. I beleive they will be open at 8 tomorrow.

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Re: Credit Card Decline Issue

This is the second cycle (2010 was the first)  that I've had this issue come up.  This year I called AMEX the day before to eliminate a declined card issue.  I got online at 01:30 09/12/2014 and purchased the three phones.


What happened was that AT&T hit my card seven (7) times with a 1 dollar charge before charging the three phones that I purchased and THAT's what caused the decline in the credit.  So I went about my business all day on 9/12 before getting a notice of a decline at 15:30 on 09/12.


Then after two calls through the queue one with AMEX online with me (15 minute queue wait each time) AT&T customer service reps tell me there's nothing they can do and disconnect me before they transfer to Ecommerce which supposedly can release the two phones.


So now I have one phone coming on time (considering the time I bought the phones). one phone coming in late november and one phone still stuck in AT&T's queue as pending with not one AT&T person with enough caring or authority to make sure that AT&T keeps its part of the bargain (I did my part). 


All this after I responded to an AT&T survey and told them I liked the service they provided...I'm just beside myself with frustration.

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Re: Credit Card Decline Issues

I sure hope this is true.  I checked my AMEX bill and noticed Three phones charged to my credit card.  That would imply they have shipped, right?

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Re: Credit Card Decline Issues

Good point.  I just checked my AMEX and three phones have been charged.  implies that the phones have been shipped.  I sure hope so.

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Re: Credit Card Decline Issues

It does not let you enter the credit card info... Please help me.

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Re: Credit Card Decline Issues

My credit card was originally declined as well because my bank thought it was fraud. I cleared it with my bank and I also see that the charge has gone through on my account. When calling the Premier phone number, it says that my order is in process. Does that mean that the banking issue is now cleared?



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Re: Credit Card Decline Issues

The email that directed me to this site stated, "Unfortunately, we're unable to process your credit card. Please go to our AT&T Business Care Central website, to get more information and to fix any incorrect information. You may be able to resolve the issue using our self-service options."

Where are the self service options located? This has been an extremely frustrating experience.

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