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help connecting new phone


help connecting new phone

When my u-verse was first installed I had one of those cordless phone systems that came with 3 receivers, the technician plugged the main base directly into the back of the residential gateway.  Now those phones died so I got 3 individual cordless phones.  The one I plug directly into the gateway works fine but the ones I plug into the phone jacks don't have a dial tone.  Do I have to plug them all into the gateway somehow?  I don't really want to do that if I can avoid it since I don't want to have to charge them all in the same room.  Any ideas?  I searched online and saw a diagram of the gateway which had a green cord plugged in from the gateway to the jack but he did not do this (or leave one behind), would that be the problem?

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Re: help connecting new phone

Your going to have to get someone that knows telephone wiring and how to hook things up.  They will need to back feed the dial tone from the RG to your main point of entry (where all of your wires from each jack are located).  Then they would need to make a connection there to feed each jack as it was before you had Uvoice.


I would call AT&T CS and explain that the tech took a short cut when he/she did your install.  They should have wired it properly like I mentioned above so the dial tone would be active at all of your jacks like before.


Good Luck!! 

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Re: help connecting new phone

Do you have a wall outlet for the phones in the room where the RG is located? If so try running a line from the RG and plugging it into the wall plate connector, if the phone lines in your house are intact that should back feed through all the wall plates in the house and the other phones will work.


If this doesn't work then, as BeeBee suggested, a phone tech will have to take a look.

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Re: help connecting new phone

That worked, thanks!

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Re: help connecting new phone

Excellent! Glad to help out and thanks for posting back. 

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