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U Verse Voice and Directv Caller ID

U Verse Voice and Directv Caller ID

I had U Verse voice and internet installed two days ago, and I am having problems with my Directv Caller ID showing up on my TV.  I am not using a new ATT VOIP telephone, but an older phone that worked perfectly with my older AT&T phone service.


The internet is fine, but the Caller ID issue is a very large problem.  Any suggestions other than buying a VOIP phone, as this phone works except for the above issue.


On another issue:  The installer said I do not need the phone/DSL adapter on the phone line, which I have removed.  Could this be part of the problem?



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Re: U Verse Voice and Directv Caller ID

jackson116 - So many possibilities. If the direct TV does not work at all, think the best possibility is that it is not connected.

With your previous POTS service dial tone comes into your house at the NID and is distributed/connected to jacks throughout the house. When the direct TV phone jack is connected to one of those jacks the caller ID works.

With U-verse voice, the dial tone comes from the tel jack on the RG. Only the one phone plugged into that jack works.

If you want to feed the rest of the house that RG phone jack needs to be connected to a tel wall jack. Then the caller ID will be passed to the direct TV connection.

Check the direct TV wall jack to make sure it has dial tone. Or, connect the direct TV directly to the RG phone jack (no phone)

You do NOT need a special VOIP phone to work with U-verse voice. The service is VOIP, but the dial tone is analog & works with most phones. If you got a VOIP phone you would connect it to the internet (not the phone jack) & you would get dial tone from another server.

Magic Jack and ooma are two other services that convert standard analog phone to VOIP.

You do not need filters. With DSL, both tel and data can appear on all jacks & you need the filter to remove the data tone from your conversation. With U-verse & POTS they are separated at the NID. U-verse voice is as described above, Both keep voice and data separate in the house.
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Re: U Verse Voice and Directv Caller ID

I just recently added Voice to my UVerse account.  From day one no names displayed on caller ID. Was eventually told it's a State wide problem in California.  From reading other forum comments, this has been going on for quite a while.  What do I need to do to get my old land line phone service back as for me, VOIP is not worth the dollar savings if I lose the caller ID names. I was not told this would happen or I wouldn't have switched to start with.




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