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No dial tone


No dial tone

Good Morning,

We made the change to Uverse phone over the weekend.  Everything was working fine until last night.  Message on the phone said check line.  I checked everything and I couldn't get a dial tone.  I tried getting on internet no such luck.  I called the 800 but it said it was closed.  I did call my tech and he said it was going thru an update.  During the evening the phone would come back for a minute or two and then go kaput again.  I woke up this morning to again no dial tone.  Am I doing something wrong?  The lights on the moden were on for Wireless and Broadband was blinking but nothing else.  I even did reboot the modem and that did nothing.  Does this happen allot?

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Re: No dial tone

Broadband and Service lights need to be solid green... if broadband is blinking your service is down.
No internet ... no phone... no tv if ordered.

blinking broadband with connecting then dropping is likely a loose connection and can be either inside or outside wiring related. Need a tech to determine cause and resolve.... if outside issue a ticket for outside lineman may need to be created by uverse tech.

first see if installer can return... if not call 1-800-288-2020 to schedule a dispatch or ufix/ run troubleshoot and resolve app.... if problem found can schedule tech appointment.
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Re: No dial tone

Thank you we have a tech coming later today.  My wife says the jack in the main room seems awfully loose.

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