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HOW to block calls


HOW to block calls

How can you block numbers from calling the landline phone??  I was put on U200 for my landline phone and my minutes are being used up by telemarketing, political, etc calls my answer machine picks up the calls and if they talk and talk and leave a message, it is using my minutes up... I want to stop these darn calls from coming through.. some of them call two and three times a day every day...  I am tired of the calls constantly coming in.   I'm on the "Do Not Call List" but still get these other calls constantly... 

   When working on a painting project in the house the other day, my phone must have rung at least once every 30 minutes in the afternoon... 

     can we block these calls?  If so How?   And I do NOT want to have to Pay to block them... That would be unfair... 




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Re: Wireless home phone blocking of unwanted calls

I have NOBOROBO and it works great....one ring and then I know I don't have to answer, but

sometimes the unwanted call gets through...don't know what happens but all in all, it works

fine.....AT&T supposed to work if you dial in *77 and this is supposed to block calls, but I

don't know when you do this....after they hang up, while phone is still ringing, or as soon as

it starts to ring......does anyone know????

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Re: Wireless home phone blocking of unwanted calls

Solved MY Okole!


I have blocked AT LEAST 100 phone numbers in the last 6 months and yet I get mortgage, auto warranty, and other unwanted phone calls all day long.


How can we STOP the insanity?


Jim Stinson


Sulphur, LA

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Re: HOW to block calls

I have the same problem EXCEPT I want to block an individual.
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Re: Wireless home phone blocking of unwanted calls

No..AT&T had to help me a few weeks ago and now I just cannot find where to block..up to 100 telephone numbers free I receive on my landline


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Re: Wireless home phone blocking of unwanted calls

It's governed not by the phone you have, but the service.  What phone service are you using?

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