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A big thank you to Leonardo in AZ


A big thank you to Leonardo in AZ

I was so disgusted yesterday after the customer service I received.  First when I called, the representative told me my phone service was disconnected and even after I made the payment, they would need to place a new order for phone service.  He told me I would be able to keep my phone number and it would take 20 minutes to set up.  So I was on hold for 25 minutes in silence.  He asked for my phone number to call me back if we get disconnected.  When he comes back on the line he has a confirmation number for me and then the phone gets disconnected.  Does he call me back?  No.  So then I call back again and speak to someone else.  I go through the same process and I'm on hold for 30 minutes in silence.  She asked for my phone number to call me back if we get disconnected.  I should also add there wasn't any record of my previous phone call or any order placed for me so I wasted 25 minutes of my life for nothing.  So when I get disconnected from this representative, does she call me back?  No.  So I try the online chat to get help.  I explain to this representative what has transpired and she says she will transfer me to a land line specialist.  When this person get on, he tells me that I can only call the 800 number to get help.  So I'm wondering why was I transferred to this person if they can't help me.  All I get is an apology.  I don't know who's training these people but they need to be retrained or fired.  I was getting the run around all day.  The last person I talk to, by this time I'm highly upset and want to talk to a supervisor, tells me I have to go through the process all over again.  I tell him I don't have time to wait again so if he can't do anything for me in 20 minutes, I will need to call back the next day.  I ask for the supervisor but they are all too busy to talk to me.  So I ask for the name and extension so I can call him back.  Now to today.  I called the 800 number and can't get to the extension.  I'm then connected to Leonardo and I tell him my frustrations with the people I dealt with yesterday and he reassured me he would take care of this.  The first two people I talked to told me I could keep my same number but the last person I talked to yesterday told me I couldn't.  So when I told Leonardo this he reassured me I could keep my number.  It doesn't make sense to get two conflicting pieces of information.  To make this story short, he didn't keep me on hold longer than 10 minutes, gave me a confirmation number, gave me his name and information and told me the phone would be back on by 8pm tonight.  I was so thankful he was able to help me.  Leonardo in AZ office *** deserves a raise and he needs to train these other people because there is no excuse for the runaround I got yesterday.  


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Re: A big thank you to Leonardo in AZ

Hello, chefnaomi!


Thanks for posting. I'm so sorry to hear about your recent experience, but I'm glad Leonardo was ultimately able to find a resolution. I would be happy to forward your comments, so if there's anything else you'd like to add, please feel free to let me know via  private message.


In the meantime, I hope we continue to see you around the forums!



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