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Who is calling me?


Who is calling me?

How do I find out who is calling me whether it is a local # or an 800 #?  I have Uverse phone & Internet

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‎01-19-2016 1:47 PM

Re: Who is calling me?

@lambjr If you have a phone that supports Caller id (which nowadays most phones do)  you should be seeing the TN come up on your phone when they call, My phone actually reads out to me who is calling.



You can also login to www.att.com with your member id and you can check the call history logs on the website for the past 100 callers.

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Re: Who is calling me?

 I cannot always read the incoming person. I understand there is a list available by email for the land line calls. How do I access?

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Re: Who is calling me?

@DBH25959 - Probably the best bet is varios reverse number lookups, such as - http://www.yellowpages.com/reversephonelookup


Or, just Google the number, where you will drink from a firehose.

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My outgoing voip ID

Someone elses name (***) shows up on my freinds caller ID when i call them.  This is not my name.  I've made three calls to AT&T and the problem still exists.  My number is ***


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