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Voice 250 billing charge

Voice 250 billing charge

I have U-voice voice 250 which I understand means the first 250 minutes are free and subsequent minutes are 5 Cents per minute.  I have the following questions:


1.  Are incoming calls to my phone from other people and telemarketers counted as a part of the 250 minutes? To make this simple, if I received only one call of 250 minutes and then made a call lasting 5 minutes would I be billed 5 cents /minute for the 5 minute call?


2.  Are toll free calls that I make from my phone counted in the 250 and charged as any other call after the 250.


3. What, if any kind of call is not counted.


3.  How can I find this information on ATT's website?  I have had conflicting answers on this from tech support and billing dept.  I need to know exactly how to navigate to it.

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Re: Voice 250 billing charge


If it is not officially written down it is opinion.

1) if your first call is to or from another uverse VOIP (not ATT POTS, not ATT cell phone but UVERSE VOIP) for 250 minutes then that call is free
Any other call you are correct.

2) while I would like to believe 800 calls are free, I see no official documents stating so, therefore like texting to your favorite reality show votes, local charges may apply.

3) the following is not counted as they cannot be made.
AT&T U-verse Voice service cannot be used to make or receive operator-assisted collect or third-party billing calls, nor can AT&T U-verse Voice service be used to make 900/976 calls; certainN11 services (211, 311, 511); area code 500, 700, and 710 calls; 10-10-XXX dial-around calls; or international operator or directory assistance calls.
In addition not counted calls that can be made....unlimited calling to other Uverse Voice Customers.
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Re: Voice 250 billing charge

I just got voice 250. I'll answer. I looked at my u-verse control panel, and I see I still have 243 minutes, and i've made a bunch of toll free calls and received calls.

outgoing toll free calls are free, and do not use up any minutes.

all incoming calls do not use any minutes.

in-network calls to other u-verse customers do not use any minutes. Checking voicemail doesn't appear to use any minutes.

Any other calls in the USA not fitting the above criteria use up minutes.
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Re: Voice 250 billing charge

FYI:   I've recently noticed that toll-free numbers are now being counted against the Voice 250 balance.  I've started another thread here:





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