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Out Of Area 101


Out Of Area 101

I'm getting these calls day and night, I answer them and no ones there. Its getting to a point to were I'm getting woke up 2 to 3 times a night. Can't block it and from what I've read is that it might be coming from a SIP scanning program. Any suggestions?


The funny thing is this call doesn't even show up in my call log at all.


Update: called tech support and its a known issue with the latest firmware update for the RG. There network team is working on it.

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Re: Out Of Area 101

I'm having the same problem in St. Louis.  The last call was at 3:33 am today!  I suggest they simply reload the last version of RG software since they can't figure out the problem with the new version.

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Re: Out Of Area 101

Same problem in Chicago suburbs. 


What is RG software?


I called AT&T and the person there said to use the blocking feature--answer the phone, hit star 77 pound and hang up. I haven't tried it yet? Does anyone know if it works?

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