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Need help with AT&T Traditional Landline Home Phone Support?

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Need help with AT&T Traditional Landline Home Phone Support?

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AT&T Traditional Landline Home Phone Support

Having trouble with your Home Phone features and settings? Need help with Voicemail setup? Want to know how to stop harassing calls? Need help with a traditional Landline Home Phone vs. a Digital Home Phone? We can help with that!


Troubleshoot & Report Landline Trouble – Learn how to troubleshoot and report landline home phone issues and check status of an appointment.


How to setup your voicemail box and greeting - Learn how to - Learn how to setup you land line voicemail, how to view online and how to get the voicemail app.


AT&T Remote Call Forwarding Legacy Landline – Learn how to use AT&T Remote Call Forwarding – Legacy Landline.


Anonymous Call Rejection (*77) Traditional Landline – Learn how to and features of Anonymous call rejection.


AT&T Home Phone: How to Use Call Block and Screening – Call Block/Call Screening is a feature that allows you to block phone numbers within your local calling area for your traditional home phone service.


Traditional Landline Star Codes and Calling Features – Learn what star codes you can use and when to use them.


How to stop unwanted or harassing calls – Learn how you can help stop unwanted and harassing calls.


Need Immediate DSL or Landline Assistance? – Chats agents available to help with any concern you may have including billing concerns, service issues, appointment requests or changes, and account changes.


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Re: Re: Turn on call forwarding remotely

home phone service out, Can not receive nor make phone call

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Re: Re: Turn on call forwarding remotely

Get the service


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Re: Re: Turn on call forwarding remotely

To Whom It May Concern:

Well since there doesn't seem to be a quick way of getting ahold of any higher ups I will try this. My 82 year old widowed Mother who lives alone has been without a phone I discovered since sometime this past Tues. It was not discovered until late that evening and I suspect had been off by that time all day Tues. I called Att on Weds. morning. Got a foreigner with a very strong accent who was very hard to understand. They told me they would send someone out on Sat. SATURDAY?????!!!!! Since she has been ill and I was taking her to a doctor appt for all day testing that day I wasn't able to call back until Thurs at which I requested that they send someone on Friday. Again, this is an 82 year old woman who has been ill and lives alone!!! When I called I once again got a person from a foreign country with a very strong accent that was so hard to understand!!!! After being on the phone with them for several minutes they put me over to yet ANOTHER foreigner who I could barely understand and they told me that they would call me back in 30 mins to and hour and to make sure that I answered the phone call. I kept that phone right by my side for 4 hours. SURPRISE....NO CALL BACK FROM ATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I live in America, give me a  American to talk to when I have to call you Att!!!!! SO AS IT STANDS  I GUESS THEY WILL BE THERE SATURDAY SEPT. 8 BETWEEN 9 AND NOON. THEY SURE BETTER BE!!!! MY ILL 82 YR OLD MOTHER HAS BEEN WITHOUT A PHONE FOR 4 DAYS AND COUNTING.....RIDICULOUS ATT.....ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Re: Re: Turn on call forwarding remotely

I agree ridiculous. 
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Re: Re: Turn on call forwarding remotely

AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!  What happened to knowledgeable customer service representative?  Oh, I know, they all retired.

The company needs to take a closer look at what once was their gold star, knowledgeable SERVICE.

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Re: Re: Turn on call forwarding remotely

On 10/9, Technician came out to install high speed internet.  I did not authorize him to change phone service.  When he left he was aware that my ringmaster number did not work.  He asked me to call him on the following day so that he could ask the manger how to activate the ringmaster.  I called for three days, left messages, etc.  The technician never called me back.

On the 12th another technician came out.  He determined the issue.  After talking with someone named William it was determined that another line needed to be run to restore my original service and keep my high speed internet service

On October 20 another technician called Tyler came out.  He put his supervisor JC on the line who stated that I would have to call service again.  I explained that the service call on today was to be to pull a line and to restore my ring master number

JC supervisor


Jessica with life support was put on the phone.


I have been without my number for about two weeks.  I need this number and issue resolved.  The number rings when you call it but does not ring on my home line.  I am losing calls.

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