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Emergency repair of a landline


Emergency repair of a landline



I had 2 phone lines, landlines. I called ATT to disconnect my second line I was not using and just keep the one I use. I am guessing ATT made a mistake and disconnected both lines. Now I am without the phone. I called the 800 numer earlier today on my mobile(!), they said they would put a new service....10 hours later I am still without the service and my 84 yo mother can't get through to me. What can I do? The landline is quite important to me because of my elderly mom... Is there a way to get a quick repair? Since ATT cause this issue, they should repair it. I tried to chat online with customer service (my phone is out!) but could not get help and was referred to the 800 number. Please let me know what can be done quickly. Thank you for all the help. I am in Moorpark California.



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Re: Emergency repair of a landline

Hello, MBA_BSEE_2001!


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear your landline is not working. We would be happy to look into this for you, so please click here to send us a private message.


In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen.


In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns.



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Re: Emergency repair of a landline

I am also get landline service.  I am working to purchase a home and need access to the land line to send and receive faxes and respond immediately to our Broker.  I was promised landline service by 8pm on 1/8/18 after submitting a request on 12/27/18 but I have received no service and the ATT Service Center Representative refused to let me speak to a supervisor.  Who can I speak with to get immediate assistance?

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