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Cannot find webpage for U-Verse "Locate Me"


Cannot find webpage for U-Verse "Locate Me"

I am going crazy trying to find the AT&T webpage for U-Verse features, specifically "Locate Me" (multiple phone forwarding). When I login, my intial page only shows my wireless account, nothing about U-Verse. I chat rep finally got me to a page showing all the features, but when I logged in again I cannot find that page. I'm logging in via, and select U-Verse, but it shows only wireless account info.

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Re: Cannot find webpage for U-Verse "Locate Me"




I'm sorry you are having difficulties finding the "Locate Me" feature for your U-verse phone line. You can access your phone features by signing on at with your Member ID. Once signed in you should see the following:


Click Voice Features








Go to the Phone features Tab and Find the Feature Controls section where you can manage Locate Me




If you do not see U-verse Voice as one of the products you are subscribed to please send me your account information to investigate further.







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Re: Cannot find webpage for U-Verse "Locate Me"

Here's the real problem and solution.


I (and probably everyone) have at least two logins to AT&T. I happen to use the same password for both, but one (Wireless) uses my personal email address, and the other (Multiple Accounts) uses the email address.


No matter what you select when you're at the AT&T login page (U-Verse, Wireless or Multiple Accounts), you're only going to get Wireless info if you use your Wireless login email/password. Needless to say this is very confusing and it took another guy at work to straighten me out on this.


Since AT&T reads these forums, here's a suggestion: Fix this! By now everybody should have just one, and only one, login. That login should access all services the customer is buying from AT&T. It's been many years now since you bought wireless, it's way past time to fully merge these together.

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Re: Cannot find webpage for U-Verse "Locate Me"

I just use two different browsers (actually, two different firefox profiles) to login to the two accounts.
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