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Can't Manage U-Verse Voice Features


Can't Manage U-Verse Voice Features

Good morning!  I'm trying to manage my U-Verse voice features, specifically Call Blocking, but everytime I try and select "Voice Features" from the U-Verse Voice menu, I'm redirected to a page that states "We're sorry, the AT&T sevice you are attempting to access is not available using the login information you provided. To continue, please select the login button for one of the services below."  I'm then given prompts for Voice and Internet, U-Verse, etc.  I've tried logging into Voice and Internet and U-Verse from this page, then selecting "Voice Features" again, only to be redirected to the same "We're sorry, the AT&T service you are..." page.


Has anyone else encountered this?  Any ideas for how to fix it?  Is something wrong with my account?


Thanks for your help!




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Re: Hi there, that is a known issue as of now and a lot of us...

I am glad for this forum's interest in this problem.  I have sweated with it for a week is now 8/16/14 ever since I changed to u-verse service.

I was motivated and assured by your I signed on to chat.  and found the answer for my problem.

the woman on chat tried the same process I had been using over and over....she got the same result over and over.  Then...ahah....she reregistered my account ..  and I noticed that she clicked on one item that had not been clicked before.

so...reregister your account or ask a chat person to do so, click on all the permits that have to be agreed with...and it works.

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