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Caller ID shows "Unavailable 1"


Caller ID shows "Unavailable 1"

Recently. I've been getting calls that register on the caller ID as "Unavailable", and the phone number shown is just "1". Is there a way to block these calls?

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Re: Caller ID shows "Unavailable 1"

I get one or two of these Unavailable 1 calls a day. The forum is correct- there is no way to block these calls with your U-Verse Voice service. I have to block them using my phone. But the phone rings once before the caller ID detects the blocked number which is annoying, especially when it wakes me up in the morning, These losers are relentless. They won't give up even though it should be obvious to them by now that I will never answer and talk to them. I can't believe that what they are doing is legal and that they continue to get away with this blatant harassment.
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Re: Caller ID shows "Unavailable 1"

Spoofing your telephone number is illegal.
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Re: Caller ID shows "Unavailable 1"

I get intermittent calls from this fake phone number, sometimes as many as two per day.  Mostly they are hang up calls.  On occasion one will actually begin a conversation with intent to sell me something.  For instance, a couple of times I got a man's voice informing me that my computer was running too slowly and would soon stop and the guy had a thick Indian or Pakistani accent.  Celebrate diversity.  Another time it was a white guy who was a local contractor that was seeking any kind of work around the house.  I told him I don't do business with people who use fake phone numbers and asked him about the number 1 on my caller ID.  He said that it was just something "they" set up for him.  I think it was an honest answer because he didn't remotely sound skilled enough to use a computer.  

So I think this Unavailable 1 is a scam which is available for those who want to protect their identity, and I also believe it wouldn't take too much effort to discover the identities of these SOB's.  Of greater concern is that AT&T is unmotivated to help it's paying customers with this nuisance.  And the U.S. Government, gravy-sucking pigs that they are, spies on us and knows exactly who we call and who calls us, but does nothing to shield us from scammers and illegal telemarketers.  But, just think--more telemarketers means the government can report the news as jobs added and evidence of growth in the economy.  Makes you want to run out and vote, doesn't it?

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Re: Caller ID shows "Unavailable 1"

I did the same thing (blocked the caller with my phone rather than with AT&T).  It worked for awhile.  I just got home today, though, and whoever is calling with the id of "1" has been calling my number every three minutes for the last two hours straight.  Since it rings once before it's blocked, I've just resorted to turning my ringer off.  I am about ready to change my phone number.

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Re: Caller ID shows "Unavailable 1"

I am in concurence with everyone else. I am looking for a new job and cannot do the screening, but yet I am getting called by this number every night between 7 and 9 PM.  AT&T needs to find a way to stop this or I am canceling my phone service. At least on my cell numbers like this are blocked. Smiley Sad

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Re: Caller ID shows "Unavailable 1"

I have tried the same as all of you - I even answered at one point to tell them to stop calling, but there was no one on the other end.  I recently had a stroke and I am getting tired of all these Anonymous, Unavailable calls. I also have a difficult time speaking.  I have added them to my private ATT blocking list (which I can't with the Anonymous 1 because it is not a phone number).  I have also activated the Anonymous restriction - no good.  I have not been answering, but it is still a bother since the phone rings 4x before the vm picks up.  I don't understand how ATT cannot block numbers such as these - Anonymous 1 - I'm not sure I should have picked up because now I'm afraid they now know there is someone on this end.  I have no clue what to do, just wanted to add my "voice" to this annoyance.

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ACE - Master

Re: Caller ID shows "Unavailable 1"

Just do this and your problems are solved!!Smiley Wink


Anonymous Call Rejection for U-verse Voice

Anonymous Call Rejection helps you save time and avoid unwanted solicitations by rejecting "mystery" calls from anyone whose caller ID information is blocked.

Your phone does not ring and the caller is unable to leave a voice mail message. Anonymous Call Rejection provides the message, "The number you dialed will not accept your call", to those callers who have their Caller ID information marked as private, restricted, anonymous, unavailable, or blocked. This feature is included with your service at no extra charge.

You can access Anonymous Call Rejection using your online account manager or using your phone. Just press *77# on your phone to activate Anonymous Call Rejection and *87# to turn off.

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Re: Caller ID shows "Unavailable 1"

I think you missed the part where the AT&T Call Blocking feature DOES NOT work for this.  On my account log (for example) even when it shows that it WAS blocked (the red X is by the name "Unavailable") it still not only rings through, it rings through until the answering machine is triggered (6+ times).  

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Re: Caller ID shows "Unavailable 1"

To recap:

Anonymous Caller ID block does not work since it shows "1" as caller ID so it's NOT anonymous

Call Blocking does not work since you can't put in one digit phone number


Just tonight I have received 8 calls with this 1 caller ID, some as frequent as every 2 minutes.  This is getting rediculous, so much to the point we have given up using this phone and just forward all calls to voice mail.  It's a shame we pay all these money for U-Verse Voice but it does no better than a POTS line.


AT&T:  Please review your feature set for U-Verse Voice and consider expanding the call blocking features to make it useful in real life.


This is what I have to deal with everyday:

 Unavailable1Today, 9:00 PM0:10Go to Address Book
 Unavailable1Today, 8:54 PM0:09Go to Address Book
 Unavailable1Today, 8:52 PM0:02Go to Address Book
 Unavailable1Today, 8:44 PM0:00Go to Address Book
 Unavailable1Today, 8:31 PM0:10Go to Address Book
 Unavailable1Today, 7:31 PM0:05Go to Address Book
 Unavailable1Today, 6:25 PM0:06Go to Address Book
 Unavailable1Today, 4:27 PM0:00Go to Address Book
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Re: Caller ID shows "Unavailable 1"

I constantly receive these calls. When I answered today, I found it was the. Tea party calling me. I have previously donated to the Tea Party and the Republican Party, who also uses these tactics. My solution is to inform them that I will no longer make contributions and will also inform everyone I know about this deceptive practice. I am also exploring new carriers, such as Ooma to see if they will cooperate in blocking these calls.

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Re: Caller ID shows "Unavailable 1"

Knock wrote:

I constantly receive these calls. 

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ATT could stop this just like the fr* e* e sftwr I use with my built in or external modem.
It's just a simple matter of how they want to program it.
I have been using this over a yr -- passing this on because its been such a help to me - just hangs up automatically - even announces call and pops up on my screen if I want.....
its phone tray -fr- *e-* e
at [ phone - tray * dot *com] phone   *tray is 1 word with no space between "phone" /* "tray"
It can block any numbers of any length, even a "1" like "unavailable 1 "
or any name or use wild-cards like: 855-432-???? or 855-???-????
or a name without a number : like "Out Of Area" "Private number" -- or or a number without a name... any length - i can customize it more in the standard excel file.
I can reverse the setting so they become a "white list" or "allow list"
or if you have a voice modem it will deliver any prerecorded message or "sound" noise from a [.wav] file
with a cheap external usb voice modem - search on-line ..
Some computers with sound cards already have modem with sound capability built in.
it is fr  *e  *

e, programmable. -block any # at one ring [that's the only drawback] since it is not at the ATT switch level.. my computer must receive the call before it is blocked -- or allowed.

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Re: Caller ID shows "Unavailable 1"

I am thinking this is another staple in the decisioning factor for me in deciding to retain a home phone or not.  ATT offers moderately decent support, but definately ATT falls short of offering exceptional customer service.  Their primary product ( Telephone Service ) allows entry of blocking calls, but requires a 10 digit numeric field to be entered for a phone number.  How hard would it be to code the software to give the customer an option of blocking callers with numbers that are displayed as  "not numeric",   callers with numbers that do not have a minimum of 10 digits, and obviously have a sole exclusion to 911 services.  I doubt the scammers would last long broadcasting themselves as 911 - emergency services.  All phone communicaitons can be traced by any talented, authorized,  software developer employed within ATT. If associates of ATT actually monitor the traffic of this blog, take the initiative to create a ticket, escalate this issue to level 2 support for analysis, and be sure to mark it high priority.   Dont you think it is about time that the fore-mentioned - highly talented developer steps up and creates the code that solves this issue.  Customer Retention IS top priority for all companies, and I feel it  is a pretty obvious that the group responsible to identify the customers 'needs assessment' is falling short of delivering the product that ensures customers they truly are better off with ATT.

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Re: Caller ID shows "Unavailable 1"

If it's for whatever reason not possible for a phone company to block these calls because they don't have proper call id information they instead could let you create a white list of calls that can ring through and every other call regardless of number would go to voice mail.  This way, even if you are expecting calls from someone you don't know there phone number you can still get a message from them and then in turn add them to your white list.   Currently you can have a white list go through but all other calls are blocked which isn't helpful if you still want some calls that you might not know the number for.

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Re: Caller ID shows "Unavailable 1"

This method does not work for "Unavailable 1".

AT & T needs to step up and devise a technology that keeps the people from "Unavailable 1" from annoying us. If AT & T wanted to, they could do this.
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Re: Caller ID shows "Unavailable 1"

If AT & T can do all of the wonderful things it says it can do on the commercials they put billions into, they could find a way to stop the "Unavailable 1" calls.  Instead, they enlist people like "ACE Professor" to tell us there is nothing they can do.

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