UVerse Battery Backup


UVerse Battery Backup

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The IPSU2 unit has been beeping indicating that the battery needs replacement. It is my understanding that the IPSU2 unit is only for providing UVerse Voice in the event of a power outage. Is this true? Can I unplug the IPSU2 and still have internet and voice connectivity when the power is on? I can use my cell phone if there is a power outage. This will save me from having to replace the battery.


Thanks for any help, George


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Re: UVerse Battery Backup

You cannot unplug the iPSU as that provides power to the inid for all services.
You can remove the two screws on the front cover, unplug the battery connection, install cover and two screws.

This will stop low battery beeping, maintain power to inid on normal AC function.

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Re: UVerse Battery Backup

Thank you. That works. You have saved me the cost of a battery since I do not need the backup for the UVerse phone..



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Re: UVerse Battery Backup

Am I able to just remove the battery and dispose of it properly, once I unplug it?

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Re: UVerse Battery Backup

Don't unplug it but just remove the battery.  I did this months ago and it's fine.
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