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Does my Landline (POTS) ultimately connect to Fiber


Does my Landline (POTS) ultimately connect to Fiber

I was told that the ATT old fashioned landline that I currently have eventually connects to a fiber node somewhere along the line (outside my house) so if there is a power outage and the backup power (which powers the fiber) runs down my line will ultimately fail. Is that true?

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‎08-05-2019 1:58 PM

Re: Does my Landline (POTS) ultimately connect to Fiber

i think at some point its connected through a switch at the central office thats attached to fiber but the all central offices have battery backups and backup generators to keep your service alive you just need to make sure you have a phone lying around that doesnt require power, i have a 7 dollar conair phone in a drawer for such emergencies

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