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not registered on network


not registered on network

I have bought a sim card of ATT and I inserted in my unlocked Samsung phone. I followed the instructions and activated online. and also took $30 plan. whenever i try to call somewhere its saying not registered on network. I would appreciate any help regarding this. 

thank you

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Re: not registered on network

Hello @marigold18!

Thank you for reaching out to us on the Community Forums; let’s work together to get this taken care of for you, right away!

AT&T has a very useful support page regarding activating a new phone or SIM card with our service, and this can be found here. This webpage also contains frequently asked questions about this process, and steps on what to do when encountering an error with this process.

I hope this information helps!

Jordan, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: not registered on network

You sounded like you were going to fix the fix the problem right here and now, but u didn't instead you direct us (anyone with same issue) into a different direction like you are just handing us off. A true employee wouldve taken the time to guide a customer and fix the problem right then and there like your chipper attitude insinuates. This is not helpful I didn't find the answer to my issue as u stated I would on the webpage. I do not have a phone I can use for past 4 days can't call support I mean really what am I supposed to do. I will end up changing carriers it shouldn't b this difficult nd I followed activation I got a phone # and already have a billing detail and can't utitilize my God blessed phone! 

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