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Thank you, sandblaster and the other respondents, regarding landline service. I was inquiring about POTS because having backup  power when electricity goes out is exactly what I was hoping to get, avoiding having to buy a generator, etc.  And I apologize for being so thick about this kind of service, but I still am unclear as to what my friends mean when they say they have a home number in addition to their mobile number, sounding as if they kept their old landline telephone service from many years ago and number. And what kind of landline phone sets are available now that do not require electric power? (As you can tell, I haven't walked into a phone store in quite awhile Smiley Happy  I may have kept/inherited an old-fashioned,really dated telephone set from when the Bell System was still whole, but do they still make phone sets compatible with that kind of landline plug?



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All landline phones have a standard RJ11 plug, if that's what your asking.  The phones that don't require any type of power are those that simply plug into the phone jack.  Phones that require an ac outlet to power features on the phone would require power, cordless systems would.  Just look at your favorite discount store and ask for a plain phone, not cordless and doesn't require ac power to operate.  As far as your friends statements, I would assume that means they've kept a landline phone as well as having a cell phone.  If you have an old Bell System phone and it's touch tone it would probably work assuming the dial pad is still good, the old dial pads had physical contacts that would get dirty and need cleaning, when they got dirty the touch tones wouldn't put out the correct tone or no tone at all, so you couldn't dial out. 

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