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Re: Call from 855-303-8333 legit ?


Call from 855-303-**** legit ?

I received a call from above number this morning asking me about my recent Uverse service but have some doubt about whether this was a legitimate call from AT&T or is a fraudulent call. Is this real or a phishing call?


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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Call from 855-303-8333 legit ?

I dialed the number and it is a ligit AT&T number.  With that said, it doesn't mean someone is not spoofing the number and trying a phishing scam.


I have NEVER received a "courtesy" call to see if my services were working correctly, or any other calls as a "courtesy" call.


I have received emails.

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Re: Call from 855-303-8333 legit ?

Thanks for checking that phone number. You have a good point regarding not receiving courtesy calls as I have not received a similar call before. That and the fact he was asking for account information means this was most likely a phishing scam.
Thanks for your help
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