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ATT Customer Service


ATT Customer Service

Chat does not respond, telephone contact is no better.  All designed to deflect, frustrate and continue to take money.  More interested in pushing new products than anything else.  Fees change at whim and no one will explain. If your service is out, don't expect a refund without going through the hour long process of finally talking to a human being.  They are trained to ask you how your day is and exchange all kinds of pleasantries but to guard the bottom line at all costs. Calls are recorded, not for training but to protect themselves. Too bad there are no alternatives.  This monopoly needs to go away.  They keep buying businesses but can't run the ones they own. Executives get good pay though. All about comp[enstaing the ri9ch and making the rest of us pay.

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Re: ATT Customer Service

Hi @lucky627!

Thank you for reaching out to us here, we're always here to help! To better assist you here, can you please provide us more details on your concerns.

We'd be more than happy to work with you here. Looking forward to your response! Thank you for your time!

Yetty, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: ATT Customer Service

It’s really mo mystery. Every encounter with ATT is the same and it is well known that the majority of consumers are totally fed up with the total lack of accountability. It is not the individual customer service reps fault at all. They are trained in accordance with your policy. I get it. But every encounter takes a very long time, with little resolution of issues. Why is my time less valuable than yours? I have paid an enormous amount of money to ATT for many years. I dropped home television services already and when there is an opportunity for an alternate internet and business phone provider I will change that as well. I know ATT doesn’t care. Good luck. ATT will eventually be broken up and turn back in to baby bells or be subjected to such disdain that your stock will finally fall. I wish you would hire more people so that we do not have to wait so long to reach a human being. And enough with the empty pleasantries. If I was having a good day I would not have to contact your customer service. Hire more people so we don’t have to wait. Stop buying companies and run the ones you have. Take a little money away from your execs and put it in to customer service reps. Any more questions??
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Re: ATT Customer Service

I agree,

the websites are terrible, chat doesn't work and spent an hour on the phone and promised call back. A moving truck went down two streets (Torres, in Carmel by the sea, 93921) and tore down cables.  The police and fire departments were there.  The police said AT&T was notified but so far, no ATT has come to the site. Several homes have no telephone service and at several homes, cables are hanging near the street. One AT&T woman, had me on hold for close to an hour and then promised a call back.  Really bad phone service and bad website (try it!).  Send a truck to Torres near 1st Avenue in Carmel, CA.  Again, the woman and others seem to not understand this was damage done outside.  I explained all this and then she said, do you get a dial tone? Clueless.

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