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what is the best prepaid cell phone?


what is the best prepaid cell phone?

I was w at&t before that tracfone
after at&t straight talk now net10
The customer service from theses companies is not what i expect .
when called at&t i get a straight answer
and they tell me why were how what
no run around .
so my question is what is the best prepaid in the tracfone way?
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Re: what is the best prepaid cell phone?

Any flips phones, as "uncool" as they may seem, always tend to be fairly reliable. They are much more reliable than candybar style phones, I'll tell you that. Keep in mind that you can use ANY AT&T-locked or compatible unlocked phone on a GoPhone plan. With that being said, I firmly believe that the Apple iPhone series is the "best" cell phone option out there today. Simple, quick, and fun to use and who could beat top notch reliability?

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