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prepaid phones services


prepaid phones services

I was on facebook the other day were people were posting about straight talk net 10 simple mobile etc
w nasty colorful replies .i thought really what if a poor person saw this or a child or a senior .
so as i was about to tell them another person did
She said why are u complaining for if u wanted the
service u got the service and if u want more w your service u couldve stuck w att or verizon for $20 more
i was shock she was polite and showed respect wow
in a nice manner
my question is why would any one buy a expensive phone w cheap service .
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Re: prepaid phones services

I was w tracfone for a while got tired of buying cards so i bought a droid .but then i had to buy prepaid
straight talk i got what i paid for yep i blew to phones and the browser broke no one would replace it .
Cause i have no warranty after a year and i send them one phone back to get another guess what they send me the same phone
so after a while w straight talk i got annoyed so i went w att prepaid but i miss my droid so i turn in my phone and went back to straight talk then after awhile to net 10
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Re: prepaid phones services

Hi Lordie,


With AT&T GoPhone we have a bunch of different Android devies that you can choose from as well as two monthly plans with data. GoPhone offers you the ability to use any unlocked GSM phone, any AT&T phone as well as offering LTE Data coverage for all of our customers (where avaiable), not to mention we have over 2600 Company owned reatil stores to get support from. So you may have a cheaper service, but the AT&T Advantages easily give you more.


Hope this helps!

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Re: prepaid phones services

lordie wrote:

my question is why would any one buy a expensive phone w cheap service .

I am using a smartphone on my prepaid account that cost $549 back in the day...needless to say it has depreciated quite a bit, but I could still get a pretty penny for it if I ever decided to sell it. The reason why I am using an expensive phone with cheap service is, quite simply, because I can. AT&T GoPhone service is the ONLY service I have cared to become familiar with that allows you to use virtually ANY eligible GSM device on their network. You certainly cannot beat $300 per year, especially when some families pay that amount (if not more) per month. I'm very grateful that AT&T offers such a service. 

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Re: prepaid phones services

  AT&T may not be the best mobile company in USA but it is not the worst.
 If you had used X xxxxxx !
 Not only they don't give you any call records online,they don't tell you what date you need to refill your account.Their customer service center is somewhere in Asia.
 Their coverage mostly in big city ,as soon as you are outside a city,it is local roaming,that mean it is not cover by your price plan.  Do I need to say more??  

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Re: prepaid phones services

Boy is that true
I had to switch to straight talk
Which is ok.
But I get curse at in Spanish
Straight talk is in Miami
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