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new gophone customer

new gophone customer

i just received my phone yesterday and i bought a $25 card to put on my phone.


so i activated the card only to find out i can only add the $50 card to my phone. so even though the card was activated i receive no service for it. i cant talk or text on my phone.


now i am pretty sure this is illegal, selling me a service that doesnt work. i tried to get this resolved by returning the card at the store and calling an at&t representative (which is a lot harder than it seems, takes a while to actually find a real person to talk to.) neither were successful.


im hoping to get something settled by monday. if not, ill have to call the police as i feel ive been robbed.

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Re: new gophone customer

Yup, my brother was able to refill his account with $25 this morning as well. He was having trouble along with everyone else who was teying to refill so I asked him to attempt to refill with the phone on speakerphone. To my surprise, (and his even more) he had no issues whatsoever and everything went through as if nothing had ever happened to the refill system.

The system appears to be back to normal...thank the Lord.

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