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help - auto-refill of data


help - auto-refill of data

I am a new user w/ATT [been with Verison for the last 8yrs] signed up for an initial $25 data pkg - I used little so I signed up for $5 auto refill - thinking it would maintain my balance + add the 200mb --- something cancelled my data pkg on the renual date???? the 1040000kb balance is gone!!! --- I didn't even look at it today [26th] until it notified me - what happened  --- the auto-renual message said if I signed up it would carry over my balance 


imo - ATT is failing in a big way re communicating and carrying out their packages.

I will try to call but have NEVER been able to get through to someone..........


My info:

Automatic Feature Package Renewal History

Feature Price Add Date Confirmation No. Remove Date Confirmation No.
Data 50MB$5.0010/12/20129439360  
Data 50MB$5.00  10/26/20129505449
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Re: help - auto-refill of data

Did you sign up for the auto renewal on your data package, or only on the auto renewal for main plan?  If you go online to your account you can see if you are signed up for auto renewal on your data package.  My auto renewal data package worked o/k.


I set up my credit card for $100 auto renewal, thinking that whenever balance reached $0 it would charge card $100, but it charges $100 each renewal, so cancelled $100 auto renewal until my credit balance goes down.  Its a computer, it does what you tell it to do, not what you want it to do!

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Re: help - auto-refill of data

ok - I was finally able to get through to CS - and she was very helpful

the go-phone system will not take $5 increments from my credit card and I needed to put "cash" in my account [via any method]

she refunded my $25 balance and helped me set up with $25 in my acct for future auto-refills


I think my problems with ATT are fixed

easier access to a human or more clear instructions re auto-refill would have avoided this problem


still have to work with samsung on my battery problem but they appear to be dealing with it ok

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