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Topping off a prepaid phone.


Topping off a prepaid phone.

I did a $100 refill with the 365 day expiration back in Aug. Say I used that balance in the first 3 months and top off it with $30 would that $30 still last for the remaining period of the 365 refill or would the expiration be  only 90 days for the refill?


If you have a prepaid plan now that is no longer offered will your refill on that extend the plan or does that plan expire with the remaing minutes?



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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Topping off a prepaid phone.

The $30 refill would last for the 365 day account expiration date, and it would also add another 90 days to the expiration date. So the account would expire in 90 + the remaining days of the 365-day expiration date.

Refilling your account with a grandfathered plan will allow you to keep the plan. It is only if your account expires that the plan is gone for good.

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