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Samsung Focus on GoPhone?


Samsung Focus on GoPhone?

I currently have a Nokia GoPhone and I wanted to buy the Samsung Focus but I'm not sure if it will work with the GoPhone sim card. I have read on other threads here and on the internet that it should work and others that it wont work so I'm a bit confuse. I talked to At&t support and the nice lady said that it should work and then told me that she did know which didn't help much. So do any of you have the Samsung Focus on Gophone or do you know if it would work? 


Thanks for your help. 

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Re: Samsung Focus on GoPhone?

Absolutely, Ambb,


The Samsung Focus will work under the GoPhone Plan (as a GoPhone phone).


Here is the clip off the AT&T Developer site (check ) for the Samsung Focus:


It is a smartphone (it runs under Microsoft Mobile 7, with 3G HSDPA/GPRS capabilty), so it will need a data feature package (any one of three: $5-month, $15-month, $25-month for 10MB, 100Mb, 500MB respectively), if you want to enable cellular data and not depend solely on WiFi access.  It is not mandatory to enable cellular data.


But be assured that the Samsung Focus can be a GoPhone activated as such on using an AT&T SIM.



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Re: Samsung Focus on GoPhone?

Yep, that's right. The Focus can most definitely be used on a GoPhone plan! I, personally, am using a close cousin of the Focus, the Android-powered Samsung Captivate. It works great and I enjoy using my smartphone with my GoPhone service. Smiley Happy

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Re: Samsung Focus on GoPhone?

It should work. AT&T actually offers the Samsung Focus as a GoPhone on their website:

Samsung Focus GoPhone


I'm using an LG Quantum (which also runs Windows Phone 7) as one of my GoPhones.

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Re: Samsung Focus on GoPhone?

Thank you, Ambb.

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