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Looking for advice; wanting to upgrade


Looking for advice; wanting to upgrade

I've had this same, prepaid flip phone for about 9 years now. It's about time for an upgrade. Thing is, however, with my current service, I am unable to recieve pictures and e-mail. No media SMS at all. The phone has MediaNet service, but I rarely use it, if ever, because of how old the phone is.


Now that I've seen the newer smart phones I want to upgrade, but still keep the same GoPhone rates and retain my phone number.


I was advised to buy a smart phone and simply insert my SIM into it, but I'd have to get access to a micro-SIM. Ontop of changing the service plans. Others have advised me to simply cut the card with a SIM cutter, but that just seems risky. Not to mention I am attached to this old piece of plastic.


Is there a way that ATT can provide me with a micro-SIM card, upgrade my service, and retain my existing SIM information or must I simply buy a new micro-SIM card and activate that as a GoPhone and hope I can send and recieve media SMS?


I am completely confused at this point.

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Re: Looking for advice; wanting to upgrade

9 years is a LONG time. You deserve an upgrade! Smiley Tongue

I was in your situation before I decided to buy my iPhone 4. I wasn't sure what to do about the whole microSIM dilemma. I ended up ordering a microSIM cutter off of eBay and took the risk. It was a piece of cake! It's a much better and more precise alternative to using a pair of scissors - I strongly recommend doing it. The cutter itself was fairly cheap, too.

I would keep your current SIM if I were you. It would be easiest this way. Plus, you wouldn't run the risk of having something get changed on you or not working correctly. If you do not have a 3G capable SIM card, that's when I would recommend getting a new one. If you were to get a new microSIM, I'm not sure how AT&T would think of it. If you plan on purchasing an iPhone, they may give you some hullabaloo about it, but they should be able to provide one for you while keeping your current plan and account information intact.

Good luck!

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