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Laptop + prepaid?


Laptop + prepaid?

Hello everyboy,


I am from Germany and will travel to the USA next Sunday.

The idea is to purchase a prepaid SIM card to use it with my laptop, so that I can use the AT&T mobile phone network to access the internet.


I think I need a GoPhone plan, the cheap 10 cent / minute plan should be OK as I don't want to use it for voice communication.

What else? Can the GoPhone plans be combined with the DataConnect 5 GB plan?

Do I need to purchase a GoPhone Data Feature Package? The describtion of the Data Feature Package however says that they are limited to Smartphones, what seems to exclude laptops!?


Any other suggestions?


I'll stay for one week, don't have a US social security number, am no permanent resident, don't want to use voice and will probably use between 500 MB and 1 GB of data traffic.





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Re: Laptop + prepaid?

I assume that your laptop has a way to accomodate a SIM card.


I'm not aware if AT&T offers a prepaid plan for laptops. I remember Sprint's subsidiary, Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile offers a 3G modem on a prepaid basis but that would require a WiFi on your laptop.


However if you have WiFi on the laptop, you may just use WiFi at Starbucks Coffee place or in many hotels and public libraries.



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Re: Laptop + prepaid?

I believe at&t does have a prepaid version of DataConnect - DataConnect to Go, or something along those lines. (But you are correct, German guy - GoPhone plans themselves are not to be used with data only devices per at&t's T&C's for prepaid service.) And their prepaid data plan may not be the best value in terms of short term service.
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Re: Laptop + prepaid?

The DataConnect 5GB/$60 plan is only available for postpaid customers. For folks on prepaid, the largest allocation is the DataConnect Month Pass 1GB for $50. Personally, if you already have an unlocked Android smartphone running on Froyo (2.2) or higher, you can just get an ordinary AT&T GoPhone SIM card and use the tethering/hotspot function of the phone. The cost per MB is the same regardless of whether you get the DataConnect 1GB ($50) or 2x GoPhone Data Package 500MB (2x $25). One nice thing about going with the latter option, if you don't exceed 500MB use, then you save $25.

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Re: Laptop + prepaid?

Right. I will add that you can just use a USB cord. No WiFi needed.

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Re: Laptop + prepaid?



and thanks for your answers.

Yes, my laptop is equipped with a built in G3 modem.

As I also own a Nexus S Android cell phone, which provides a tethering function,

I will however go this route instead and purchase a GoPhone SIM card with an

additional data package.


Cheers, Oliver

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