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I dont understand at&t programs


I dont understand at&t programs

Hello, well I'm new in here. I'll live in US for one year. So I'd like to ask all the things about at&t. Now I'm using Samsung Galaxy SII, whats the best plan for it? And then, I didnt understand about refill things. So, can anyone explain it to me? (English isnt my langauge, sorry for my bad english). Thanks Smiley Very Happy

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Re: I dont understand at&t programs

Your English sounds perfectly fine. Anyway, back to your question. Att has two type of wireless service, one is called post paid, which is you receiving bill every month. Second is prepaid, which you pay the same amount every month. With prepaid, you have to make sure you are on the plan that you want. Here are few examples of prepaid accounts. Pay as you go, a plan that will charge you 10 cents per minute for any outgoing or incoming calls. 60 dollar monthly plan(which is for smartphone), you get unlimited voice, which is calling to talk on the phone, unlimited text message, and a 2.5GB of data usage.

Hope this answer some of your questions. Feel free to ask more question.
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Re: I dont understand at&t programs

 What is your langauge??
 Maybe some ACE in here be able to help??

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Re: I dont understand at&t programs

Ultimately, the best plan for you depends on your usage. I'm using a smartphone on the $25 monthly plan which includes 250 voice minutes plus unlimited messaging and it suits my needs very well. I do not have a data package with the plan because I am not interested in using one. If you are interested in using a prepaid data plan, I would suggest signing up for the $40 monthly plan or $60 monthly unlimited plan which includes a somewhat generous amount of data that is available for you to use.

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