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GoPhone came with two SIM cards, why ?


GoPhone came with two SIM cards, why ?

I purchased a GoPhone for a specific need, it works perfectly.

I am curious why it came with two SIM cards.

I purchased the phone via the ATT.COM web site.

The phone came with a SIM already installed and the the punch

card had the hole in it where the SIM was originally. This is the

SIM I am using and everything works just fine.

BUT there was also another SIM card (not punched out of it's

holder card) included with the phone.

What am I suppose to use this SIM for?

Why was it included?

Will I need it sometime in the future?

Any insight appreciated.



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Re: GoPhone came with two SIM cards, why ?

When i get a phone in the att store i always get one sim, but when i order through the mail they always give me two. I figure its a nice backup to have in case my sim gets lost or wears out so i dont have to go up to the store or wait for one in the mail.


I thought it was just a mistake but ive ordered three phones and each one came with an extra sim.I actually had to use one of my spare sims and one call to att activated it with no issues. They did specify that once a sim has been used and deactivataed, its no longer good for any kind of future use.

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Re: GoPhone came with two SIM cards, why ?

I'll keep it in a safe place in case I need it in the future.
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