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Clarifications on messaging packs and billing


Clarifications on messaging packs and billing

Hi! I'm not a GoPhone customer yet, but I'm ready to switch from Virgin Mobile and need clarifications about the GoPhone service, namely:


1.) On the $0.10/minute plan, if I load up enough money for 90 days, can I sign up for the 1000 message pack and will the cost deduct from the money I have loaded in my account or will that be a separate charge? 


2.) Does the message pack automatically renew every 30 days as long I have enough money and my account is current?


3.) Do I get notified when I need to refill my account? Can I set up autopay to take care of that? 


Thanks for any and all help! 

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Re: Clarifications on messaging packs and billing


The answers to your questions are as follows...

1. The 1,000 messaging package lasts for 30 days only. Each message exceeding 1,000 will be charged the pay per use rate, which would be deducted from your overall balance. Each additional text message is $0.20 send and/or received, and picture messages are $0.25 sent/received. You are able to purchase another text package once the 1,000 package expires, if you desire. If you purchase another one before it expires, your unused messages (if there are any) should roll over, if I remember correctly.

2. The messaging package does not automatically renew every 30 days unless you sign up for automatic feature renewal. This automated process should renew the messaging package of your choice, as long as you have enough money remaining in your account.

3. Yes, notifications are sent to your phone when you should refill your account. You can also set up auto-pay to automatically add money to your account once it expires after 30 days.

Hope this helps!

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