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Changing Pre Paid Rate Plan Question


Changing Pre Paid Rate Plan Question

I am currently on the $60 Unlimited Talk & Text plan and I have auto refill set up to take out payment 2 days before my rate plan expires. They have already taken the payment out today. I am wanting to change to the $50 Unlimited Talk,Text & Web plan and was wondering if I changed to that today will they just apply the balance thats in my account towards that new plan or will I have to pay an additional $50 for the new plan today? 

Thank you

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Re: Changing Rate Plan Question

Hi ksangel, when I switched from the $75 talk, text and 200MB plan to the new $50 monthly plan I just had to make sure I had at least $50 in my account when I made the change. So if you have a sufficient amount I think you should have no problems.

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