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Can't unlock device from outside US?


Can't unlock device from outside US?



I'm trying to unlock a device but I'm not in the US. When I was in the US I bought a phone (full price) and a Prepaid SIM card for my stay. I was told the phone was already unlocked and could be used with other carriers, but when I tried that it didn't work. I've tried the online device unlock and got an e-mail stating that “The device is not associated with a current or former AT&T account”. On the wireless customer service line they couldn’t pull up an account from my former Prepaid SIM mobile number, which renders them unable to help me. What can I do to unlock my device?


Thanks in Advance!


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Re: Can't unlock device from outside US?

Hi @sergiocnf 


Per our unlocking website:


Customer-Specific Requirements

  • Prepaid / GoPhones: Device has been active for at least 6 months.


All phones that AT&T sells are locked to our network including the GoPhone devices. You need to have your service active for at least 6 months with the same IMEI before the system will allow you to unlock any GoPhone product. 


If you are buying a locked device, its always better to check Amazon or another retailer to buy the international unlocked models as many devices sold in the US lack the proper LTE bands. 


You can read the entire unlocking policy by clicking Here.


Hope this helps!

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