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Automatic Renewal - Changing the Messaging Plan


Automatic Renewal - Changing the Messaging Plan

I currently have a GoPhone and am doing the automatic renewal feature for 1000 messages at $9.99/month.  I notice that the unused messages roll over every month since the package is automatically renewed every 30 days.  


If I wanted to change the package from 1000 messages/month (with automatic renewal) to 200 messages/month (with automatic renewal), would I lose all the text messages I have accumulated up to this point?



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Re: Automatic Renewal - Changing the Messaging Plan


Hello @gutiosnake 


When you change your plans, your original plan is removed entirely and then replaced with the new one, so any accumulated rollover text will unfortunately be lost.




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Re: Automatic Renewal - Changing the Messaging Plan

I talked to an AT&T representative today and was told that if you are setup with a 200 message automatic feature renewal package, that your message balance must be under 800 messages at the time of renwal or your package will not renew and you will lose your message balance.  (This happend to me last week.)


Is this 800 message threshold documented on AT&T's website?


I was told there is a 2000 message threshold for the 1000 message auto renewal.




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