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Activation time limit?


Activation time limit?

Is there any time limit for activation prepaid phone after purchase? I bought the phone last  november  (2010) and the phone has $50 on it (as written on the box) - So for how long it valid ($50) since the phone is not activated - but I inserted the SIM in?

One more related Question:  I see "Normal Retail - Scan for activation" bar code on the sticker (bought the phone in BestBuy) Does it mean something for time limit ?

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Re: Activation time limit?

Well, I have another question (but related) - I have two prepaid phones, bought with bundled SIM cards (came in the same boxes with the phones) - never were activated, one was inserted to check out a phone. 

Can i just swap the cards between the phones and activate them (cards have different amount of money on them (never been activated))? 

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Re: Activation time limit?

Yes, you should be able to just swap the SIMs and activate each SIM in the phone you want to use it with.  However, my understanding is that the bundled SIMs/phones that come from at&t come partially activated and so you may only have 30 days to complete the activation process/keep the assigned phone number - and potentially the airtime credit that came with the phone.  I'm not sure if this holds true for bundled GoPhones purchased elsewhere or not; but regardless, I believe at&t customer service can assign a new phone number and complete the activation with the SIM you have on hand.  So I'd give them a call if you have any trouble completing the activation process and/or if you don't receive the free airtime credit.

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