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AT&T sends email after each GoPhone Usage


AT&T sends email after each GoPhone Usage

I just got my Wife a ZTE Z221 model GoPhone. Every time the phone gets used an email is received from AT&T saying something like "$.10 used. $---.-- funds remaining.". How can I disable these annoying messages? She doesn't want to be reminded how much time/funds still remain after the phone gets used. Unless the minutes roll over the next time the minutes are renewed, she will never use up the $25 worth of minutes in 90 days. So how can I disable these annoying emails from AT&T?

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Re: AT&T sends email after each GoPhone Usage



     Here is a link with a manual for your phone.


Device How-To center


It's been a while since I've used a GoPhone plan but I believe you can shut that feature off by doing the following,


Sign into your online GoPhone account

Look under Account Summary

Locate End of Call Notification

Click Edit and change from on to off



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